Anthropocene: Final Project Planning


For my final project in The Temporary Expert: Anthropocene Edition, I plan to continue down the track I’ve been following with my Living with Limits project.   In the first part of the semester I developed the concept of a Limits Slide, which was a good starting point because it led me towards the potent conflation of “amusement” and “prescriptive rule-making”.  That is where I would like to focus as I go forward.

I developed a series of stamps that, in my original proposal, would be placed on a person’s forearm as a toll/payment to have a desired experience (a ride down a slide).


I don’t believe this was the right context for the stamps, and I’d like to figure out what could be, because the response I received from my classmates around them was so enthusiastic.  Everyone wanted one.  The stamp itself wasn’t a toll, it was the desired experience.  Even though it contained a challenging/provocative question.  What other simultaneous fun + challenging experiences/objects can I develop?  How can rules be joined with play in a way that is useful for exploring living with limits?


To help continue these investigations, I will be embarking on a series of experiments with rules and rituals enforced on myself.  Examples:

  • Every time I make eye contact with someone, attempt to High5 that person
  • Apologize to the planet every time I throw something away, and document it
  • Express gratitude to every animal I see, and document it
  • Hold my breath for 30 seconds every time I see a baby (air sharing/resource competition)


During class today Stefani Bardin, who was our guest lecturer, (and my classmates) pointed me toward some additional resources:

Stefani also spoke about CLEVERNESS & SHAME as part of how these sorts of engagements can be effective.

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